Save the date 2018 April 21th

Let’s share together a festive time between French and Australians

in order to provide a different and great memory of our ancesters

that went through intense moments on that conflict land.

The story

During the first World War, the small village of Fleurbaix has been at the heart of the conflict and noticeably during the Battle of Fromelles that occured in part on the villages’ territory. The village was only few hundred meters away from the frontline of the sadely notorious Battle.

Some Fleurbaix inhabitants helped by the Rotary Club of Armentières and the municipality of Fleurbaix wished to organize the Cobbers Night for the Australians that are descendant of the soldiers to meet the people of Fleurbaix that welcomed them, took care of them and thank them for their courage.

In 2018, it will be the third meeting.
The Cobbers night is a party with no fuss, no protocol. It is a such a great occasion to bring back together human beings that are separated by 15 000 kilometers of lands and oceans but so close by the events that their families lived through this War.

The Night

Many thanks to David E Brooks for these beautiful videos, Bernard MONFROY and Bruno TILLY for the pictures.

The Night

Cobbers Night 2018

Cobbers Night 2018

Salle Paroissiale
Rue des Armées
April, the 21th at 7h30pm

Entry : 12 euros
Restauration and bar directly on site

No protocol, just new meeting place surrounded by folkloric music, songs and dances.

The entry will be available only by booking on this website.

The revenues of the Cobbers Night 2018 will be redirected to the settle of the Cobbers Night 2019 and to the development actions towards friendly relationships between Fleurbaisians and Australians.

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The Cobbers Night team

  • Antoine Deswarte
    Antoine DESWARTE
    Project Manager and Communication
  • Danièle AURICH
    Contact, logistic Manager
  • Brigitte BOUT
    Manager of the relationship between associations and the City
  • Elie Verwaerde
    Elie Verwaerde
    Catering Manager

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